Season 1

  • Episode 1. One

    Following a sophisticated heist at a jewellery store, the crime's ringleader proceeds to kill one of those involved in setting up the plan.

  • Episode 2. Art

    The curator of an art museum in Troy and an art authenticator are found dead – but did the two commit suicide, or is someone else responsible?

  • Episode 3. Smothered

    When a pregnant drug addict in financial difficulties is found murdered in a hotel room, suspicion points towards the family of her wealthy boyfriend.

  • Episode 4. The Faithful

    Goren and Eames tail a drug addict after a sexton is found dead at a Catholic church, and discover a shady connection between victim and suspect.

  • Episode 5. Jones

    Lawyer Henry Talbott (Griffin Dunne), who is addicted to drugs, gambling and extra-marital affairs, is prime suspect when several women are killed.

  • Episode 6. The Extra Man

    Goren and Eames investigate when an international con artist is thought to have been killed by the people he cheated. But did they get the wrong man?

  • Episode 7. Poison

    A series of cyanide-related poisonings is traced to tainted bottles of pain medication, but the detectives have a hard time unmasking the culprit.