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This December we’ve been spying a whole new batch of star-studded Law & Order:  SVU and Law & Order: Criminal Intent episodes that will leave you nailed to the couch and hooked on stargazing.

See if you can identify some of the familiar faces from your favourite shows and movies:

Fran Drescher (The Nanny), Hayden Panettiere (Heroes), Jane Seymour (Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman) Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes).

Catch Law & Order: Before They Were Famous every Monday at the following times:

5 Dec @ 9/8PM – Fran Drescher as Elaine Dockerty in Law & Order: CI S6 Ep 8 “The War At Home”
Fran Drescher is best known for playing the high-pitched beautician cum nanny Fran Fine on The Nanny. In this episode she plays a mother whose daughter, a recently returned soldier, has gone missing.

5 Dec @ 10/9PM – Larry King as Himself in Law & Order: CI S6 Ep 10 “Weeping Willow”
World famous radio and television host Larry King stars as himself in this episode of Law & Order: CI.

12 Dec @ 9PM/8PM – Eric Roberts as Roy Hubert in Law & Order: CI S7 Ep 13 “Betrayed”
Eric Roberts is best known for his appearances in Heroes. He is also the sister of screen actress Julia Roberts. In this episode Eric stars as Roy Hubert, a man on suspicion of his wife’s disappearance.

12 Dec @ 10/9PM – Joan Jett as Sylvia Rhodes in Law & Order: CI S7 Ep 16 “Reunion”
Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Joan Jett is famous for both her singing and acting. In this episode she stars as the host of a Rock ‘n’ Roll radio show who is mysteriously murdered. 

19 Dec @ 9/8PM – Milo Ventimiglia as Lee Healy in Law & Order: SVU S5 Ep 11 “Escape”
Milo Ventimiglia is best known for his roles on Heroes and The Gilmore Girls. In this episode Milo plays a sexual assault victim who is kidnapped by his stepfather when he escapes from prison.

19 Dec @ 10/9PM – Jane Seymour as Debra Connor in Law & Order: SVU S5 Ep 15 “Families”
English screen veteran Jane Seymour is best known for her role as Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman. In this episode she stars as Debra Connor, a woman accused of killing her husband.

26 Dec @ 9/8PM – Hayden Panettiere as Angela Agnelli in Law & Order: SVU S6 Ep 15 “Hooked”
Avid activist and vegetarian, Hayden Panettiere is best known for her role in Heroes. In this episode she stars as a teenage girl who uses sex as a bargaining tool. 

26 Dec @ 10/9PM – Mark McGrath as J.J. Price in Law & Order SVU S7 Ep 2 “Design”
Mark McGrath is best known as the front man for the band Sugar Ray. In this episode a baby designer ring is uncovered.

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